“Temperature-dependent kinetics on the reactions of Methyl-2-methyl propionate and Methyl -2-methyl butanoate with Cl atoms under tropospheric conditions”
R. Kaipara & B. Rajakumar. ACS Earth Space Chem. 2020, 4(8), 1448-1460.

The Relative Rate (RR) technique coupled with GC-FID was used to investigate the kinetics of the reaction of Methyl-2-methyl propionate (M2MP) and Methyl-2-methyl butanoate (M2MB) with the Cl atom in between 268 – 363 K and at 760 Torr of N2 as a diluent gas. Temperature-dependent Arrhenius expressions were obtained as; k_(268-363 K )^(M2MP+Cl)=[(7.15±1.16)× 10^(-12) exp⁡〖((566±50)/T)]〗 cm3 molecule-1 s-1 and k_(268-363 K )^(M2MB+Cl)=[(6.88±0.80)× 10^(-12) exp⁡〖((794±125)/T)]〗 cm3 molecule -1 s-1. The rate coefficients (in units of cm3 molecule-1 s-1) at 298 K were measured to be k_(298 K)^(M2MP+Cl)= (4.61±1.28)× 10^(-11 ) and k_(298 K)^(M2MB+Cl)=(9.44±1.90)×10^(-11) . In addition to this, the measured kinetics were also compared with the kinetics computed using the CVT/SCT/ISPE method. The degradation mechanism was also postulated using GC-MS and GC-IR as the analytical instruments. Further, the atmospheric lifetimes of the test molecules were estimated and are presented in this manuscript.