Motivated students with good Physical Chemistry or Physics background, who are interested to work in the field of Atmospheric or in Combustion Chemistry and want to explore the fascinating world of LASER's, are welcome to join our group.

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At present, Ph.D. & Institute Post-Doc positions are available!![/su_animate]

Interested students please drop a mail with your CV in - rajakumar@iitm.ac.in

For more information, you can visit our Research page or contact anyone of our group members.

Research Funders -


IUPAC Task Group for Atmospheric Chemical Kinetics Data Evaluation
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA
Orleans Chemical Kinetics Database on Oxygenated VOCs
JPL NASA Kinetics and Photochemical Database
Researchgate Profile of Prof B Rajakumar
Google Scholar Profile of Prof B Rajakumar
Polyrate & Gaussrate Software by Truhlar
Scopus profile of Prof B Rajakumar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
NIST Molecular Spectral Database
NIST Chemical Kinetics Database
MPI-Mainz Database
Gaussian 16